Welcome to Darlington Survivors

Darlington Survivors is a growing group of courageous alumni who were the victims of sexual abuse as children when they attended Darlington School.  Our stories are painfully familiar and yet remarkably different.  We have created this site for each other, for other victims and for the Darlington Community as a whole. We wanted to create a safe place for other victims to feel comfortable coming forward.  We wanted to create a place of transparency, because the secret has been kept for far too long.  And, we wanted to create a forum for the Darlington Community to express their love and support.  It is our intention to help heal the wounds that have hurt us all for so long, give us all a “voice” to break the silence and speak the truth and finally, give us all hope for a new beginning at Darlington School.

Dear fellow Darlington School Alumni,

We just want to thank everyone for their support. We felt very isolated at the time of our abuse by Stifflemire at Darlington. The recent outpouring of support in wake of the Journal Constitution article , Rome News Tribune and others, and the filing of our lawsuit on June 30th has been immensely important to us.

We don’t want another student to go through what we did at Darlington. And this support you all have so generously given us also supports other students who have been abused at not just Darlington but other boarding schools as well. We only have to look at today’s news on the decades-long sexual abuse scandal at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, Rosemary Hall – Choate, St. George’s School and Pingry to name just a few, to understand the seriousness and widespread nature of the problem. By raising awareness of this issue with our lawsuit, our hope is that other survivors will feel more comfortable coming forward with their own experiences, with the ultimate goal of making Darlington and other boarding and private schools safer for future generations of students.

We hope everyone here will understand that we are restricted from speaking at all about the details of our lawsuit or answering any questions. However, if any of you remember any facts or details about Roger Stifflemire between the late 1970’s and early 1990’s when he left the school including what you may have heard or observed about Stifflemire or for that matter the way Darlington treated reports of Stifflemire’s sexually abusive and inappropriate behavior or even how Darlington handled any complaints about any teacher’s similar behavior, we would really appreciate it if you could contact my/our attorneys and provide them with the details. Here is their contact information:

Attorney Darren Penn: 404-961-7655; cell 404-358-5032;darren@pennlawgroup.com

Attorney Paul Mones: 301-566-7418; cell: 503-706-7318; pamones@comcast.net

In addition, you can also help by going to the Darlington Survivors Facebook page, like it, follow it and share it. We need to reach as many people as we can.

Thank you from the Darlington Survivors